Juno is an incredibly popular movie, and its message was unintentionally prolife. It would have been rated higher on this list, except for the idea that everyone’s already seen it. We meet Juno, a pregnant teenager who runs out of an abortion clinic after hearing the words “Your baby has fingernails.” She then explores adoption […]

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

This incredibly sad film follows two women in the USSR. One of them is pregnant with an unwanted child. The other’s goal is to help her friend obtain an illegal abortion. This film follows these women through the pain and treachery that is abortion, particularly in a place where abortion is punishable by death.

Knocked Up

This comedy follows two individuals after a one night stand, where the woman ends up pregnant. Rather than aborting, she makes the decision to keep her baby. This movie follows the father (Played by Seth Rogen) as he attempts to become a father himself. WARNING: RATED R FOR LANGUAGE AND INAPPROPRIATE SCENES.

Come What May

At what stage does life begin? This movie attempts to answer that question exactly. In it, we meet a boy named Caleb who is on his school’s debate team. He attempts to defend the prochoice position, but his opinions are changed when his mother, a real life judge, takes a case regarding parent notification laws […]

Revolutionary Road

This movie follows married couple Frank and April who have found themselves pregnant. April wants to have an abortion, and her desire is heightened further when she realizes that her husband is cheating on her. Due to the fact that this movie takes place in 1960, she attempts to give herself a vacuum aspiration abortion […]

Gimme Shelter

6 year old pregnant Apple is thrown out on the streets by her abusive mother. She runs to her father’s house, but when that arrangement is unhealthy she ends up in a homeless shelter where she sees the beauty in everyone. She finally makes friends with the other pregnant girls in the women’s shelter.